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A true home cinema is the ultimate dream of many people. Everyone would love to reproduce cinema quality video and audio in their home. Fortunately, as technology progresses, this is becoming easier as well as more affordable.

Reproducing video usually involves a large-screen or high definition television. Some people will also go so far as to use an actual projection system with movie a screen to project the image on.

A projection system will often allow you to get the largest and cheapest image, while still allowing you to have a high level of image quality. Newplasma screen televisions however, allow you to get an image that surpasses anything you will ever see in a real world cinema.

Quality audio reproduction is usually achieved with a surround sound system. This involves a varying amount of speakers, all arranged in different positions to get entire coverage of a room.

Technically, a home cinema could be as basic as a simple arrangement of a television, DVD player, and a set of speakers. Most people however, consider a home cinema to be a highly configured system using exclusive components to get the sort of experience you don't normally find at home.


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